I Got You, Babe!

by | Aug 25, 2019

Podcasters!  Are you looking for a great host?  Check out our host, Transistor.FM.  They have awesome service and support AND you’ll be helping us out!


Also, wanna be on our show?  Send us an email to podscure@gmail.com for where we can find you and we’ll setup an interview.

On today’s episode….
  • Coordinating music for How Are Ya Now? with Don’s friends from Late September Dogs
  • @podscure.com email addresses
  • A credit card for Bean
  • Doing intro/outro music for PodScure
  • Hhris Cardwick?
  • Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Fear the Waking Dean
  • Footsballs
  • Hyphenated names
  • Setting up “guerilla interviews” with the folks on the Podcast Junkie Discord server:
  • Gross stuff
  • Stupid kids doing stupid things
  • Human 101:  Learn to be a fucking human!
  • The cost of a War Machine
  • Politics talk
  • Alonzo Bodden, Alice Wetterlund, Jim Gaffigan
  • Why aren’t horror movies scary anymore?
  • (Bad) Nicolas Cage movies
  • Greatest podcasting shitshow of all time – David. Lee. Roth.  The Roth Show!
  • Podcast editing techniques
  • Donkey fucking:  not what it used to be
  • South Park
  • Animated TV shows
  • The actors in Mindhunter
  • Atlanta Child Murders
  • Bernie 2020
  • Changing the name of the street in front of Trump Tower to Barack Hussein Obama Ave.
  • Plans for the future
  • Feminist porn
  • Tristan Taormino
  • Problematic porn
  • Things that much us cringe
  • It’s okay to fuck up as long as you intend to better yourself
Intro song: Epic Song by Alpha Brutal
Outro song: Level 10: Finally Together by Komiku


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