Episode 001 – Making The Sausage

by | May 27, 2018

Episode 1 in the can, baby! *happy dance*



So, some introductions. I’m Dean Giles and my co-host is Don Roberts. We both live in the greater Seattle area and we really like podcasts.

In our first episode here, Don and I talk about what got us into listening to podcasts and what we like about the podcasts we listen to.

We hit on the big names (Serial, Welcome to Night Vale ,ID10T, etc…), as well as a few you probably haven’t heard of (at least not yet).

Don and I had a blast recording our first ever episode and we hope that you enjoyed listening to it.

This episode isn’t exactly how our regular episodes will go, but you have a nice little introduction to who Don and I are and what we intend to do with your ear holes on a weekly basis.

I’m hoping to get together with Bigfoot and Bob (one of my favorite new podcasts) to see what makes them tick.

Intro song: Epic Song by Alpha Brutal
Outro song: Level 10: Finally Together by Komiku


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