Episode-008 – Volunteer Sack Kicker

by | Jul 17, 2018

Episode 8! Volunteer Sack Kicker (Inquire Within)

Where the Buffalo Roam – Hunter S. Thompson (Who did it better?)
Been listening to:
Fact Up (@FactUpPod)
Crime In Sports (@CrimeInSports)
Random crap:
Community (Joel McHale)
Almost Live
Taking notes
Camp Colvos Brewing (@campcolvos)
Recap on Bridget/Interviews with Exes (@IExes)
PodScure North Studios
Bean’s full name / TROGDOR!!!!
OVER 800!!!! (downloads)
The Price is Right
Coded language that’s offensive to marginalized groups.
Privelege and the military – A journey by Dean
Burgew (AKA roadkill stew)
Who the hell is downloading us from all over the world???
Neil Gaiman
Is Ready Player One a YA novel???
Getting therapized with Doktor Don!
The marvelous acting of Nicholas Cage
Q&A from listeners/followers
Bigfoot & Bob (@BigfootAndBob)
 – The ordination of The Don
 – Bacon
 – Video games
 – Hacky sack (Don needs volunteer sack kickers)
 – Video games
 – Table top games
 – RPGs
CryptoNaturalist (@CryptoNature)
 – How we get non-podcast listeners to listeners
 – Gateway podcasts
Several Stories High (@SSHPod)
 – How to plan/map out episodes and interviews
Tiara Walker (@missred187)
 – Best movies to come out in the past
Random Shout Outs/Sharing The Love
 – Jason Lee – Web Developer EXTRAORDINAIRE! (info@insomnisenterprises.com / www.insomnis.us)
 – AFK Tavern
 – Joe Rogan
 – Serial
 – S-Town
 – Marc Maron
 – Piecing it Together (@PiecingPod)
 – Overlooked (@OverlookedCast)
 – Go Your Own YA (@GoYourOwnYA)
 – Welcome to Night Vale
 – Guys We Fucked
 – Super Fun Time Trivia (@sftimetrivia)
 – Conversations with People Who Hate Me
 – Doug Loves Movies
 – Bunny Ears
 – Jay & Silent Bob Get Old
 – The Rewatchables
 – Better With You (@BWYPodcast)

Intro song: Epic Song by Alpha Brutal
Outro song: Level 10: Finally Together by Komiku


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