Episode 20 – It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Podcast

by | Oct 15, 2018

Episode 20: We’re back and more mad than ever!

The last couple of weeks have been…trying.
Aside from all the general fun brain monkeys we have throwing their crap around our brains on a daily basis, we had:
Family flying into town and having to go to the hospital upon arrival.
Having Aileen Wuornos as your nurse.
Throwing out your back.
Technical issues.
Podcast host issues.

Today, Don & Dean discuss:

  • Failed hard drives
  • Psoriasis and Otezla
  • Pepperoni Cheese Rolls
  • Hepatitis
  • Don needs new drinking glasses
  • Movie remakes/A Star Is Born/Lady Gaga
  • Good Guy Dave Grohl
  • Drunk Orson Welles
  • Need of a new segment: “This weird shit actually happened!”
  • Kanye has lost his damned mind!
  • Kavanaugh
  • Shameless (US)
  • Fighting Nazis
  • Antifa
  • Being an asshole ISN’T feminism
  • Potential new recurring guest host: Sarah Whitson
  • Don’s list of nicknames/D-Ro
  • Podcast Shout-outs
    • The Next Episode
    • Plumbing the Death Star
    • Super Pee Pee Time – https://twitter.com/SuperPeePeeTime
    • Heavyweight Chumps – https://twitter.com/madfatloud
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    • Go Your Own YA – https://twitter.com/GoYourOwnYA
    • Rabbit Hole Motel – https://twitter.com/rabbitholemotel
  • General Shout-Outs
    • Comics Dungeon – https://www.facebook.com/ComicsDungeon/
    • Romio’s Pizza & Pasta
    • Wishes – https://www.facebook.com/WishesToysBooksGames/

Intro song: Epic Song by Alpha Brutal
Outro song: Level 10: Finally Together by Komiku



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